Powder Coated Tubular Fence: Why Colour Matters

10 October 2022

There are numerous advantages to installing a new fence in terms of increasing the value of your property. It raises the value of safety, security, and aesthetics. A fence can also increase the property’s worth financially if installed properly. Fences have a function, but if you choose the wrong one, you can lose value rather than gain it. The style and colour of the fence are, of course, two of the most crucial considerations. The following list of considerations can assist you in choosing the design and colour of your fence.

Your Style

Your preferences will heavily influence the design and colour of the fence you instal, but keep in mind that not just you will need to be able to see it. One person’s flamboyant or distinctive tastes might occasionally differ considerably from those of another (like your neighbours). Your neighbours might not appreciate a vivid purple fence even if you enjoy bright colours. Picking a fence colour that is too extreme could offend neighbours and simultaneously lower your property’s value. Installing a fence that enhances the aesthetic appeal of not just your home but also the entire street is the best method to maintain or boost the value of your property.

The Style of Your Home

The type of fence you should instal depends on your house’s design. A contemporary fence might not be ideal for your property if your house was constructed in the 1950s. Just as crucial as picking a colour that goes with your house or its accents is picking a fence that suits your house. To maintain value, your home’s colour and style must match. To match it precisely can cost you a little more. However, the advantages will more than pay for themselves, particularly if you consider selling.

Set of Rules and Regulations

Specific laws govern fence heights and types in various places, so it’s crucial to be aware of these laws before building a fence. This can entail giving your neighbours notice, setting height restrictions, and following fence boundary requirements. Being unaware of the requirements’ details could be an expensive mistake.

Your Neighbour’s Home

The type of fence you instal should also consider your neighbour’s residence. If your neighbours already have a certain type of fence, changing the boundary fence to a different design might not be acceptable. Fence conflicts are a common starting point for neighbour arguments, so talking to your neighbour about it is the best approach to ensure everyone is satisfied. Likely, your neighbour won’t want to pay for a fence because they think it would lower the value of their property as certain municipal rules mandate that costs be split 50/50.

One of the primary causes of disagreements is the colour of the fence. Arguments can easily arise if your neighbour has a white fence surrounding their property and you wish to use an entirely different colour. The most important thing is communicating and ensuring everyone is satisfied with the fence.

Auron Fencing offers powder-coating as a great alternative to regular paint if you plan to colour your fences anytime soon. Feel free to reach out and Contact Us for all your fencing enquiries.

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