Colorbond Fence Installation: How Auron Fencing Tackles Tricky Terrain

23 February 2024

Colorbond Fence Installation

Explore how Auron Fencing excels in Colorbond fence installation on challenging terrain in Melbourne. Expert solutions you can trust. Call 0418 967 768.

Installing a new Colorbond fence can greatly improve the functionality and curb appeal of your Melbourne property. However, bumpy, uneven or sloped landscapes can complicate the fence construction process. Thankfully, our expert team at Auron Fencing has the experience and problem-solving abilities to install stunning Colorbond fences on even the trickiest terrain in Melbourne. Continue reading to explore the common challenges you may encounter when installing Colorbond fences on tricky terrain and what are some of the custom solutions we do for these unique landscapes:

Challenges of Tricky Terrain

Attempting DIY Colorbond fence installation on an irregular landscape is an incredibly difficult and frustrating task. Here are some of the key challenges faced:

•  Untreated soil erosion – The accelerated runoff on slopes during rainfall necessitates implementing effective prevention methods to mitigate erosion and preserve the stability of the landscape surrounding the fencing.

•  Inconsistent heights – Varying ground levels make it hard to keep fencing unified. Additionally, the uneven terrain poses challenges in maintaining a cohesive and consistent appearance for the fencing.

•  Stability concerns – The instability of the shifting or uncompacted earth on slopes not only jeopardises the fence’s strength but also raises concerns about its long-term durability and structural integrity.

•  Gaps and warping – Unevenness leads to small gaps along the bottom, compromising privacy. These small gaps at the bottom, resulting from the uneven terrain, not only compromise privacy but also diminish the overall effectiveness of the fencing in containing or protecting the enclosed area.

•  Access difficulties – Slopes and hills restrict access for digging holes and setting posts. The topography’s inclines and slopes obstruct excavating holes and installing posts, impeding the fencing process.

Even small ground-level inconsistencies on a bumpy landscape make achieving a flawless, sturdy fence with DIY installation nearly impossible for the average Aussie homeowner.

Custom Solutions for Unique Landscapes 

Our fence construction specialists have the advanced equipment, techniques, and problem-solving skills to install Colorbond fences seamlessly on the most complex terrain in Melbourne. Their tailored approach to tricky topography includes the following:

•  Assessing unique conditions and challenges of your landscape before construction begins. This allows them to plan and prepare custom solutions.

•  Using specialised augering equipment to dig neat, deep holes for posts in difficult sloped areas. This ensures maximum stability.

•  Carefully measure and map out post positioning to follow uneven ground contours. This minimises gaps along the bottom.

•  Installing retaining walls or compacting gravel beds on steep slopes prior to fence construction for enhanced durability.

•  Adjusting fence heights post-by-post to account for dips and lumps in the landscape. This maintains continuity.

•  We provide free quotes for any retaining walls or additional materials needed for complicated installations.

By leveraging their extensive expertise in tackling all types of challenging topography, Auron Fencing can craft bespoke Colorbond fence solutions to accentuate, not detract from, the unique natural features of your property.

Transform Your Tricky Terrain with Auron Fencing

Don’t settle for a subpar fencing solution that fails to address the distinctive contours of your landscape. With custom planning and expert installation, Auron Fencing creates integrated Colorbond fences that enhance your outdoor living space. Reach out to us today to transform even the trickiest terrain into a private urban oasis.

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