Design Advantages of Steel Lattice Fencing Using Colorbond Steel

10 May 2022

You may have heard about steel lattice fencing somewhere before or you are not familiar with it at all. Steel lattice fencing is a classic type of fence which consists […]

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A Brief Comparison Between Powder Coated vs. Paint Coated Steel Fence

26 April 2022

If you are considering installing a steel fence in your residential area, you must weigh your options very well and choose the best steel fence option for your residential space. […]

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Preventive Maintenance Tips for Powder Coated Gates and Fences

07 April 2022

People nowadays use powder coating for their gates and fences mainly to protect the metal. Over time, powder coating gates and fences have become popular. Whist powder coating is durable […]

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Avoid These Mistakes When Installing Colorbond or Tubular Fences

25 March 2022

Adding a new fence to your home is an exciting and worthwhile addition. This new addition can be a great moment in your life as you are making your home […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why a Good Quality Fence Can Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

08 March 2022

Does your yard seem bare and uncontained? Do you think your home’s privacy may be compromised? A house without a fence tends to look unfinished. Homeowners, visitors, and buyers cannot […]

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