Powder-Coating Your Fence: Why Is it A Great Alternative to Paint?

13 July 2022

In installing a fence, you must weigh your options very well and choose the best kind of fence with the perfect material and finish. We recommend that you opt for powder-coating. While a paint-coated steel fence can last a long while, this is outweighed by the many more advantages of powder coating your fence. Powder coating is applied as dry powder to provide a high-quality finish for your fence. It is a more advanced approach to the coating process that can be used in metal, steel, concrete, and plastic surfaces, giving you a fence with enhanced durability, higher quality appearance, and increased lifespan. To know more about the benefits that powder-coating can offer, here are the strong points why powder-coating is a great alternative to paint.


When exposed to nature, the paint would chip easily which would require more touch-ups in just a short period. Taking into consideration durability and stability factors, powder coating offers more durability and efficiency which makes it a great alternative to paint. Also, powder coating is thicker which translates to a lengthier lifespan for your fence. Powder coating often goes through baking to seal and integrated the powder onto the surface of the fence which prevents the flakes from constantly falling off.


What makes powder-coating a great alternative to paint is it is an environmentally friendly option. While each application of spray paint contributes toxins to the atmosphere because it involves solvents and other harmful chemicals which send volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere, powder-coated steel fence, however, is preferred by many because of their reduced environmental impact. Powder coating does not have toxic properties and other pollutants hence the unused portions of the powder will not emit greenhouse gases making it an environmentally friendly option.

Low Maintenance

Opting for a powder-coating fence is the best option for you if you are looking for a coating method and finish that requires minimum maintenance. Powder coating only needs occasional cleaning because of its ability to repel chemicals and moisture which makes it very easy to clean and very low maintenance.


Although paint is relatively cheaper, powder coating costs are lower in the long run. This is because the labour cost for powder-coating is usually lower since it does not involve a complex process and does not rely on highly trained operators to do the work. The downside about paint is that it can wear down for a shorter period which makes them less pricey but wears down easily. Powder coating, on the other hand, is more expensive because the upfront costs tend to be higher. But powder coating can last up to a decade even with just a single coat and can be reused thus, a good return on your money.

There is a variety of Colours to Choose From

When it comes to powder coating, it is a great alternative to paint because there is variety of colours to choose from and thus, can accommodate your requirement and preference. Creating the aesthetics of your fence is a lot easier with powder coating because of the range of colours that a powder coating can offer.

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