Why Is Powder Coating Better than a Regular Painting Job for Your Fence?

01 December 2015

When it comes to paint, most people don’t even think twice about picking whatever is the cheapest or whatever suits their aesthetic fancy, often with very little heed over the quality and overall durability of the variety of paint they’ve chosen. However, most typical types of paint only last for several months to a couple of years at most, especially in areas where it is exposed directly to weather.

If you’re looking for a great type of paint that is just perfect for outdoor settings, and that is more than adequate enough for coating your fencing and gate, to prevent it from corroding, then try opting for a whole other type of ‘paint’ – powder coating.

A Quick Look at Powder Coating – What You Need to Know

If you’re considering a dependable, long-lasting and low-maintenance paint coating that is absolutely perfect for fences and gates, then having these powder coated is the right choice for you. This method of painting is a step back from the conventional methods, which involves a thick, liquid substance that is slathered unto a surface and left to dry.

Rather, the powder coated process involves an ingenious and innovative way of painting, instead of using conventional paints, which are suspended in a liquid; this method uses a free-flowing dry powder instead. This specialised coloured powder bonds itself to the given surface, thanks to electromagnetic charge. In a nutshell, the powder is charged positively using a specialised device called an electrostatic gun or a ‘corona’ gun, which resembles a space-age looking spray gun.

For this process to work, the surface of the object which needs painting has to be grounded beforehand with a negative charge. And, the negative charge needs to remain consistently throughout the ‘painting’ process. The powder particles are suspended and dispersed using compressed air, amazingly these particles only bind to the negatively charged surface, without interfering with any other surfaces within the area.

If you have ever worked with paints before, then you can realise how revolutionary this process is. There are of course other methods of application, but the most standard technique involves the basic positive-negative charge bonding.

What follows after the application is a curing process, and it can be hastened with the help of heat, which effectively bonds the ‘paint’ into the surface completely, making it almost impossible to remove using conventional methods.

Because of its unique properties, powder coating is likewise extremely low-maintenance and long-lasting. Since metals are generally easier to ground, this method of painting is ideal for metal surfaces and gates, such as steel tubular fencing, steel lattice and steel automated gates. For more information on this method of painting, you can contact the professionals at Auron Fencing.

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