Why Choose Tubular Pool Fencing from Auron Fencing?

07 September 2022

Do you like to spend time with your loved ones around your pool? Then use tubular pool fencing from Auron Fencing to secure your backyard.

A pool in your backyard offers a tranquil outdoor area where you may rest and socialize. However, you must take action to guarantee the security of everyone living in your home with a solid barrier that also improves the surrounding area. The following are some advantages of using tubular fencing:

Remarkably Durable and Requires Minimal Maintenance

It’s essential for pool fencing to be durable because you don’t want to replace it regularly. Steel or aluminium are frequently used to make tubular metal. Aluminium is lightweight, rust-resistant, and simple to install. The tubes are protected from moisture by an oxide layer. Even though steel is a more robust metal, it is nevertheless prone to corrosion. A protective zinc layer is added during the galvanising process.

Additionally, powder coating creates a tough, durable layer that boosts durability. If you live near the shore, aluminium or marine-grade steel are good options because the salty air can damage the metal. The only maintenance needed for tubular fencing is a hose-down to remove any dirt or debris.

Available in Various Designs Which Enhances Your Backyard’s Aesthetics

Metal railings produce a stylish barrier that you may modify in several ways to match your property. Combining the metal tubes might result in simple shapes or ornate, decorative forms. Vertical rails with a straight handrail across the top make up flat-top fences. These straightforward designs can be used to create composite railing by spacing out metal tubes and wooden posts. Your pool surrounds can be more attractive with ornamental designs integrating spearheads, scrolls, curves, and patterns inside the metal rails. A fence form will complement your home’s aesthetic, whether it is modern, rustic, or classic.

It Comes in Different Colours

You must also consider colour when matching the pool fencing to the surroundings. The potential colours include red, beige, grey, charcoal, and beige. When choosing your fence colour, consider the roofing, fascia, and guttering colour. A consistent design will result from matching it to your home, making the fence appear part of it.

Black and green tend to mix a barrier with other structures and the surrounding environment if you’re unsure which to choose. If your decking is light in colour, a cream fence might enhance an airy and light appearance. The type of fence should also be considered. If you want a plain form, go with basic black or green; if you want a statement fence with embellishments, pick a colour that will stick out more.

With Auron Fencing, we can provide you with various tubular fence options to ensure that they will complement or go well with your backyard’s aesthetic. But not only the looks, but we also ensure that it is of its highest quality to ensure safety for you and your family.

Auron Fencing has been in the industry since 1986.   We have provided Melbourne with only the highest quality fence, so our reputation precedes us. We guarantee that the results of our work will meet your requirements and preferences. Contact us today!

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