Which Type of Pool Fence is Ideal for Your Home?

01 December 2022

In some regions of Australia, it is necessary to have a compliance barrier that prevents young children from accessing private swimming pools, spa pools, and portable pools that have water that is deeper than 300 mm (30 cm). There are two common types of pool fencing accessible to homeowners today: glass pool fencing and metal pool fencing. Here is a quick overview of these two types of pool fences to help pool you in choosing which one is ideal for your home:


When choosing a pool fence, durability is one of the primary factors to take into account. Since people believe it could break anytime, many doubt glass pool fences. However, you will rarely break the glass panels of a glass pool fence because of how durable the material is. In rare situations, it does not have any sharp pieces if it breaks. Aluminium is a relatively light material, yet it is also incredibly strong and durable. It implies that the weather will have no impact on it. Additionally, it won’t corrode or rust.

Overall Look

Nothing looks more aesthetically pleasing than glass pool fences. It allows for unimpeded views of the pool area and might add refinement to your landscape overall. Glass pool fencing is the perfect option if you want to highlight the beauty of your pool.  On the other hand, an aluminium pool fence has a sophisticated appearance that may go with any type of landscape. But given that it’s constructed of vertical tubes, obstructions may prevent you from seeing your pool. Any colour you choose can be powder coated on aluminium pool fencing. By doing this, you can maintain the property’s colour scheme.


The cost of a glass pool fence is typically higher than that of any other pool barrier. However, because of its design and stylish finish, it is still in great demand.  Alternatively, one of the least expensive options for a pool fence is aluminium pool fencing. It is regarded as the most economical option to maintain the security of your pool. Additionally, it is the most cost-effective choice for pool owners with limited funds.


You merely need to wipe the glass panels of the glass pool fence with a clean towel and regular glass cleaner to maintain it. Glass panels, however, will retain debris from each swim. So, to prevent a significant buildup of materials, you will need to clear it off every time. The amount of filth on the glass pool fence and the surrounding environment will determine how frequently you clean it. Owners of swimming pools who don’t want to deal with continuing maintenance are considerably better off choosing an aluminium pool fence. Additionally, panels can be powder-coated and can withstand fading and not rust. Therefore, you don’t have to bother about replacing rusted posts.


Since most children find it difficult to climb the sliding glass panels, glass pool fencing is child-safe. It indicates that the pool gate is the only way to enter the pool. In contrast, the only issue is the design of an aluminium pool fence. It can be utilised as a potential footing where kids can climb since it includes vertical tubular bars. Therefore, it’s crucial to abide by pool fence laws to make it kid-proof.

Pool owners still searching for their ideal pool fencing have wonderful options, including glass and aluminium pool fences. All are available at Auron Fencing if you consider a glass pool or aluminium pool fence. We are a fence manufacturer and installation company specialising in high-quality steel tubular fencing. You can check other services we offer or contact us at 0418 967 768 for any fencing needs.

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