When Is the Best Time to Schedule Your New Fence Installation?

07 March 2023

Consider several things before putting a new fence on your property. In addition to the budget, material, size, and design, another important factor to consider is time.

For your DIY project, choosing the ideal time to install a fence can help simplify the process, but a professional fence installer can install a fence at any time of the year. Winter digging will be simple with the aid of specialised equipment and the presence of a team of experienced professionals. Not to mention that you can quickly have your ideal fence supplied and built regardless of the time of year. The following are some considerations for installing a new fence:

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions are the primary factor to consider because they could make installing a fence much more difficult or impossible. Any outdoor task can be hampered by rain, and while a little drizzle won’t be too problematic, heavy and persistent downpours can make things much more difficult. If you persist, it can result in holes being regularly filled with water, which can negatively impact the strength and stability of the fences in the long run. For timber fences, standing water in the ground is never a good idea because it may easily cause rot and weaken the timber through overall moisture damage.

Frozen ground is another thing to watch out for. Although we’ll examine some potential benefits of a winter fence installation shortly, digging in frozen soil is an almost impossible process. It will take a lot of time to make even small progress while using normal tools to dig in the dead of winter. If you need a fence during the winter, either wait for a day when the ground isn’t frozen or ask experienced fence installers if they can use any heavy-duty digging gear to break up the solid ground quickly.

Use the Off-Season to Your Advantage

Even enthusiastic outdoor workers find winter quite difficult, as we’ve already mentioned, but there may be a way for you to take advantage of it. Many fencing suppliers experience a decline in business throughout the winter because it is deep into the off-season. For instance, if you’ve recently moved in and the spring or summer seems too long to wait, it might be easier to plan your ideal fencing project during the less hectic winter months.

In addition to being the best time of year to avoid the crowds, autumn offers generally warmer and more pleasant weather than midwinter may.

When the Weather Is Dry and Mild

The ideal time to instal a new fence is when the weather is dry and mild, with little humidity or rainfall. However, you’ll need extra care if you’re putting up a fence amid a heat wave to avoid the timber warping, splitting, or changing colour. To prevent warping or splitting due to temperature changes, the timber must be properly treated. UV staining will prevent your fence from fading in the sun, preserving its natural beauty.

Why delay installing a fence until the weather is ideal when you may do so immediately? Hire a professional to take care of it any time of the year!

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