What Makes Colorbond® a Great Option for Boundary Fences?

07 November 2022

For more than 50 years, Colorbond® has been supplying high-quality steel to Australian homes and businesses. Fencing with a steel coating from Colorbond® and other metal products has a solid track record. Boundary fencing made of Colorbond® steel is the only choice because it has undergone more than 50 years of testing and innovation in some of the hardest circumstances in Australia. Due to this, Australian Colorbond® bond steel is used exclusively in the line of Colorbond® boundary fencing offered by Auron Fencing. The following are the main reasons that make Colorbond® a great option for boundary fences:

Long Lifespan

A long lifespan is a hallmark of Colorbond®. This is because of the manufacturers’ creative five-layer design. The steel base is produced in accordance with Australian specifications for strength and grade. Next, the base is covered in a metallic, corrosion-resistant coating, and the steel is given a light pretreatment layer. Then, a topcoat of specially formulated, high-grade paint is baked, followed by a corrosion-inhibiting primer. The baking will ensure that your fence lasts decades by preventing chipping, scorching, or flaking.


Products from Colorbond® are designed specifically to endure Australia’s most extreme weather conditions. They are tested outdoors to ensure this. Colorbond® steel does not alter weight when it rains, unlike other materials. During rainy seasons, most fencing materials will absorb some rainfall. They will grow heavier as a result, which must be taken into consideration during installation. Not with Colorbond!

Rigorously Tested and Monitored

Decades of strict testing and performance monitoring are to thank for Colorbond’s extended lifespan and ongoing innovation. Australia’s toughest climate regions are among the manufacturers’ exposure testing locations. This guarantees that your Colorbond® fence will be strong enough to withstand even the worst circumstances.

More Sustainable

The manufacturer’s patented Activate technology is now present in the Colorbond® materials offered by Auron Fencing. By utilizing this technology, they can produce the fence with fewer materials without sacrificing its longevity. As a result, Colorbond® fencing leaves less carbon footprint and is a more environmentally friendly option for your property.

Flexibility Feature

Flexibility is one of the best features of Colorbond® steel. With Colorbond® fencing, you can simply fence practically any sized property. A wide variety of colours are also available. Additionally, Auron Fencing offers more than 20 different colours. Australia’s native plants and animals influence the colour palette of Colorbond®.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Colorbond® is made to require less upkeep. The bottom of the fence will remain clean for years if rubbish is kept clear of it. Even the rain will clean your fence for you during the winter! In any other case, a simple warm water rinse would do. You can also use non-abrasive soap for a deeper clean.

There you have it, then. If it doesn’t sway you, we’re not sure what will. You’ll be happy knowing that the Colorbond® fence we install on your property at Auron Fencing will last and be guaranteed by a 10-year warranty from Bluescope. Contact us immediately if you’re looking for additional details or if you’ve already decided that Colorbond® is the best option for you.

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