Understanding the different fencing solutions on the market

18 August 2014

Understanding the different fencing solutions on the market today is really important. While some look beautiful and are strong or offer a great curb appeal they may not be for you. Thais is why working with an exceptional company who has expert fencing specialists on staff who really care is so useful.

At Auron Fencing you can count on great product, honest advice and competitive pricing. Plus, you get it all in one place and even have instillation services at your disposal. How can you beat that?

Let us look at a few things that will help you to better understand the different fencing options on the market.

First of all it is important to compare materials, metals and practicalities of the fencing options you are pondering to the environment. What are you going to be fencing; a yard, garden or maybe a pool?

Many people are leaning towards aluminum because they are safer and more practical for families with children or pets, but aluminum does damage easier. Galvanized steel is one of the leading sellers out there today. It is the perfect solution for anyone who may want the protection of wright iron without the dangers, and it offers more durability than aluminum.

Auron Fencing offers a wide range of options, and the materials are BlueScope colorbond. You also can choose treated timber, diamond or flower lattice and beautiful boundary fencing or gates, just to name some. Even pine sleepers that have been treated can be a great addition under your fencing choice to add height or just to protect the garden.

Automation, sliding gates, installation and supply are also offered at this established and well redound fencing solutions store. Steel tubular fencing is an option that many are leaning towards nowadays. It is affordable and adds a lot of curb appeal. This is great as a boundary fencing option. Maintenance is very low, and it adds value to the home.

Another spectacular option is the lattice to add a modernized theme to any home. As a matter of fact this can be manipulated into almost any theme or style beautifully form modern and clean to old country cottage. It truly is beautiful addition to any home.

Powder coating can be implemented is a fantastic alternative to painting. This is also a far more environmentally friendly option. It lasts much longer, withstands the elements and remains beautiful. This is also the best way to protect your fence from rusts and corrosion.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, steel in fills can be added in between brick pillars, rails are reinforced by welded pickets and letterboxes can be added to the fencing. Hardware and fittings are available and customization of pickets or timber fencing is available on site. Be sure to ask about instillation and supply when you call.

Timber fencing can be altered to specification, but is normally available in 1650mm, 1950mm, 2250mm and 2550mm. Cypress, exposed hardwood and capping are also available. Do not hesitate to call Auron Fencing today to see what they can do for you.

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