Top 4 Reasons to Choose Tubular Fencing for Your Property

11 April 2023

Due to several factors, the demand for tubular fencing has increased recently. It is a very versatile type of fence that can be used in both residential and commercial settings, offering outstanding security and fantastic aesthetics with many design options to match any existing style. As a Melbourne fence manufacturer and installation company, we felt it could be a good idea to look at some of the top reasons to choose tubular fencing for your property.

Design Options

Depending on your needs, your fence design may be your primary concern. Sometimes design is more important than function. Your new fence should complement your house or place of business and increase the value of your property. Tubular fencing can be built in various ways, making it simple to match the building’s style in terms of architecture. Additionally, there is a wide range of colour options so you can choose the perfect one that suits your preference. You can apply the colour in an incredibly robust powder coating, enabling it to withstand weather and the severe weather that Australia experiences. You have even more design options if you want to build the fence in a lattice style.

Security Options

Several security measures can be put to tubular fencing if you are in a commercial place and wish to keep out trespassers. The most typical one is to finish it off with spikes. This makes it challenging to climb over and serves as a deterrent right away. Aside from potential robbers, everyone benefits from the fence’s aesthetic improvement. No matter the surroundings, the fence can completely enclose and safeguard the perimeter of your home or place of business, thanks to its adaptability in terms of installation possibilities. 

Sizing Options

For achieving the desired fence height, tubular offers an almost limitless variety of alternatives. Although fences constructed in this manner normally measure around 1.8 metres, you can customise them to your particular requirements. It may be necessary to obtain council approval for fences higher than 2.5 metres depending on your location and local ordinances, so keep that in mind. Another item to consider while creating a high fence is the gate you will use. Depending on the volume of traffic passing through the fence, keep the fence at a lower height to accommodate your preferred gate type. The bigger the gate, the more work is required to open it.

Low Maintenance

Our daily schedules are already hectic enough without worrying about maintaining a fence. The ease of installation and maintenance of tubular fences is a major factor in their increasing popularity. Galvanised steel can create tubular fencing, which changes the game’s durability. When steel is galvanised, some of the metal’s flaws, such as its vulnerability to rust, are successfully eliminated, making it incredibly weather resistant. When it comes to withstanding storms and even fire, these new resistances put steel ahead of many other fencing solutions thanks to its potential strength. Even though it might be obvious, it’s crucial to remember that insects that might harm a timber fence cannot destroy the metal material.

In our time dealing with tubular fences, Auron Fencing has learnt what makes them an excellent option for your house or property. We have also successfully installed numerous tubular fences. We provide a wide range of tubular fencing options, and our fencing specialists will help you to identify the best option for your property. Call us at 0418 967 768 to speak with a qualified fencing consultant today.

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