Timber Fencing

19 June 2014

Timber fences conjour up the image of cottages and gardens. A garden builds a connection to nature and timber fences reinforces that connection. A timber fence is a special addition to any property and will make any garden or yard a special place.

Fences serve several functions including marking a property line or boundary, the separation of passive and active activities curb appeal, privacy and property identity. There are many different types of materials for fences and the choice of materials is typically driven by the function of the fence, cost of the fence and installation and longevity.

Fence functions vary and include security, aesthetics, and privacy and curb appeal. Metal fencing delivers the most security and will last longer than wood fences, but sometimes the look of the timber fence is appealing to the property owner who may strive for aesthetic appeal and privacy over security.

A timber fence offers the rustic look, but is subject to maintenance and replacement more often than metal or high density plastic fence materials. When it comes to providing privacy, timber fences are cost effective and available in a variety of heights.

Timber fences are available in horizontal and vertical boards and a variety of colors. Gates and openings can be located where needed or desired and will provide the security necessary. Such fences can be located along a property line or any desired property feature such as a swimming pool, garden or play yard.

Timber fences are often used to add to the decorative element of the property. They are easy to install and leaves a great deal of room for creativity. Such fencing options will fit almost any budget and when shopping around for the right price, cost effective deals might be found.

Installing a timber fence can become a family project and the bonding that will happen will be priceless. The process will be fun and educational and the finished product will be something everyone involved will be proud of.

Decorative creations such as flower boxes can easily be added to the timber fence. The boxes can be purchased or home made as part of the fence project and attached to the fence with metal straps or screws.

Timber fencing has its disadvantages, however. They fence can be subject to weathering and require more maintenance such as painting. Wood, if not treated with a preservative, is subject to pests and wood rot. Painting on a regular basis will help keep the fence fresh and free from cracking and peeling.

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