The Pros and Cons of Opting for Timber Fencing for Your Home

14 June 2022

If you are considering timber for your home fence, you must weigh your options properly and explore the pros and cons for you to be able to determine if it is the ideal fencing material for your home. Timber fencing may be a popular fencing option for most of your neighbouring houses, but this does not mean that you must also have to follow their fencing choice just because. Before diving into your timber fencing project, we have listed the pros and cons of opting for timber fencing for your home.


A Sustainable Fencing Option

If you are an environmentally conscious type of person, timber fencing is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable option for you. To ensure that your timber is supplied from sustainable sources, look for an approved forestry certification. By this, you can ensure that your timber is made with materials from recycled sources.

More Versatile

The beauty of using timber for your fence at home is its versatility. Timber fences allow you to create a variety of customised designs to complement your landscape design as well as your overall architectural theme.


Timber fencing is the most cost-effective fencing option that you can find in the market.

Choosing timber fencing is the most economical option for you if you are looking for a type of fencing material that is more affordable than the other types of fencing.

Has a Natural Variety of Styles and Designs

Opting for timber fencing is the best option for you if a natural look is your style. Hardwood or softwood, whichever type you choose for your fence at home, either of these types of timber can surely give your fence the most appealing look. Timber fencing has a natural variety of styles and designs which allows you to have a wide range of styles and designs to choose from.

They are Easier to Install

Timber fencing is simpler and easier to install compared to the other types of fencing materials. This means that you can do the installation yourself because lesser assistance is required.


Requires Yearly Maintenance and Difficult to Clean

The minor drawback of opting for timber fencing for your home is the upkeep. Timber fencing requires annual maintenance to retain its appearance. Also, they are more difficult to clean the other types of fencing materials. And constant cleaning can lead to degradation of the timber material which makes them decline much quicker.

Timber Fencing is Not a Durable Option

Unlike metal and concrete fencing, timber fencing is a softer material and with a shorter lifespan compared to these hardier counterparts. Timber fences may look durable and sturdy, but they cannot withstand a strong storm and other harsh weather conditions.


Timber fences are more prone to terminates and bug infestations. They can also rot and mould more easily. This is a common problem for timber fencing since they are more susceptible to insect attacks which can spread throughout the material and cause them to crumble.

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