Steel or Wood? What is the best fencing option to suit your needs?

07 November 2014

Fencing! What purpose does fencing provide? Why do we erect fencing? What kind of fencing is best?

These are all great questions and the answers are actually quite easy!

We have fencing build for a great number of different reasons such as keeping our pets and our children safe. Keeping them from wandering into the street as well as to keep strangers out! We also erect them to gain privacy in our yards as well as to provide security. Materials used for fencing differs just as much as design and need.

Therefore your need for erecting a fence will determine the kind of fence erected!

There is a range of materials used for fencing these days although we are going to have a look at wood and steel fencing solutions. In the early years most fences were made from wood and although it is still a popular choice it does not always provide what is needed. Fencing was mainly used to keep animals in or to keep preying animals away from your livestock. These days it is used more and more for safety reasons, and to keep our kids out of the road in addition to providing us with privacy.

Installation or erection of fencing can also be a long and complicated process unless done by professionals in this field. Experts can also assist you with deciding on the material and best option for your purpose.

Let’s look at using wood!

Wood has a charm like no other fencing option, providing you with a warm natural beauty while giving the required privacy. Wood fencing can be solid build or used for a picket fence. The options of a wooden fence are vast although some wooden fencing may not provide you with the desired security. Wood can also be painted or even stained for a more unique look and will give you 15 to 20 years of comfort. With wooden fencing one will also need to do regular checks and maintenance especially after bad weather.

Let’s look at using steel!

With steel fencing there are three main types to consider, these are aluminium, steel and wrought iron. Aluminium fencing does not need as much maintenance and is ideal for front or back yards. Steel also requires little maintenance and can be decorated while providing added security to any yard. Wrought iron fencing can give you up to 50 years of use and is an excellent option when looking for ultimate safety.

Decide upon a fence suited for your need!

Most homes are enclosed with wooden fencing whereas businesses usually erect steel fencing. Why do you need your fencing and how much are you prepared to spend as some will be cheaper than others. Get advice on your fencing from the professionals. Visit Auron Fencing and let the experts give you advice along with fencing solutions for any need. Whatever you want or what your reason may be for erecting fencing around your home or business, they can assist you with friendly service.

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