Steel Lattice Fence for Your Home and Garden

22 September 2015

Steel fencing is one of the most classical looks a homeowner can pull off for their home garden or yard. An offshoot of the now dated, but nevertheless still popular, cast-iron fences of the Victorian and Edwardian Eras, the steel lattice fence is a ‘modernised’ take on a true classic such as these. There are a number of designs that comprise steel fences, but the steel lattice is a true pinnacle of the metalworking arts.

Favoured by many of the aristocratic and noveau-riche families of the past, lattice metalworking is a complex and often highly ornate method of designing fences for home or public use. Here’s a quick look at what a steel lattice fence is and why it is an excellent investment for your home, yard and garden:

Steel Lattice Fencing – What You Need to Know

This is a type of wrought gate made by a technique called latticework, which may likewise be applied to any material other than metal. Steel and iron are however, still the most common and most popular medium of latticework today. The type of metal lattice fence is simply a modernisation of the original cast-iron latticework that was common during the middle to latter part of the 18th centuries.

One of the reasons while steel lattice is quite popular for outdoor aesthetics is because, like iron, it is extremely resistant to the effects of weathering. Depending on the method of prepping the metal, steel latticework may also eventually obtain a distinct patina, which makes it doubly aesthetically pleasing to the eye of the beholder. Using steel for lattice fencing is a good choice, because it is also extremely durable, and is able to withstand significant amounts of external force and pressure. And, this makes it ideal for use as gates and fences.

Perhaps one of the most significant uses of the steel lattice fence is in its capacity to be easily integrated into gardening. Because of its unique criss-cross appearance and ‘basketwork’ design, which sometimes varies in complexity, this type of fencing can be employed as a perfect alternative for trellises – a place where one may plant a variety of crawling vines.

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