Steel fencing vs. Aluminum fencing

28 April 2015

Steel and aluminum are durable and high quality materials for fencing. When compared to any other fencing materials these are superior; although, choosing between them can be difficult. In regards to fencing, the key here is to use materials that are most appropriate to your fencing requirements. To help you make the right choice, it will greatly help you to know the pros and cons of each.

Aluminum Fencing

While lightweight, aluminum is also durable and flexible. It is resistant to corrosion so fences made of this material will still look great after years of being exposed to the elements. Aluminum fencing can also be coated to add more strength and durability, which is an option most property owners and managers chose.

Another positive aspect of aluminum fencing is its lower price than steel, and it’s aesthetically better than steel in many ways. Because of its anti-corrosive quality, it is ideal for homes along coastal areas. Compared to steel however, aluminum more easily bent which is not good for structures that require solid vehicle barriers.

Steel Fencing

Steel is a very strong, heavy and durable material ideal for fencing that needs more protection and security such as in industrial and commercial settings. It has a tough exterior that can better withstand outside physical forces. However, unlike aluminum, it does rust and requires greater maintenance over the years. The weight of steel makes it difficult and cumbersome to install than aluminum fencing. And, it is much more expensive than aluminum.

In general, steel fencing is quite impractical for home use unless the family requires a stronger barrier to protect the walls of a home and the valuable assets within the property.

The Best Choice

At the end of the day, choosing between steel fencing and aluminum fencing will be dictated by a property’s need and individual requirements. Both fencing materials are high quality and durable in varying degrees. However, if you have the financial capacity, why not go for steel fencing? These are now available in a range of colours which give your fencing more curb appeal, and is an ideal choice to protect vehicles and property from potential physical damage.

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