Steel fencing and gates that will last a lifetime!

02 December 2014

Steel was not always the material to give strength and durability; ages ago wrought iron was used until they could refine the steel process, and deliver the steel that we used today. Small amounts of steel were refined by blacksmiths from wrought iron to be used for making axes, cutlery as well as swords. In the 1860’s railways and ironclad warships were constructed from wrought iron, but soon the brittleness and quality problems were sorted and mild steel took over the market.

Fencing made from steel it strong and durable!

The steel making process was only refined years later so most common items such as chains, wire, nails, nuts, bolts, roof trusses, horseshoes as well as handrails were made from wrought iron. Wrought means worked by hand and was done by blacksmiths, today we find garden furniture, gates and even guard rails made from this form of steel. Cast iron was commonly used in China and came to the Western Europe in the 15th century.

Different steel has different properties to provide you with!

The refinement process of steel as we know today, changed in the 15th century and again during the 18th century. Today there are many variants of steel such as steel, mild steel, aluminium, galvanized steel and cast iron. The strongest preference for gates and fencing are galvanized steel. It is strong at resisting impact and also heavier than most of its counterparts, but not the heaviest. There is also a wide range of options when it comes to design of these gates and fencing solutions.

Steel gates are made to last forever if cared for!

Due to the weight of the galvanized steel, the correct posts, swing-arms or rollers have to be used in order to prevent sagging or breakage. It is recommended to use professionals in this field, for the manufacture and installation of your gate as well as fencing. There are many factors to consider when looking at installing galvanized steel fencing and gates. The steel is treated against rust and corrosion thus giving you a product that will stand the test of time. It is however required to do regular maintenance checks and make sure there are no signs of wear.

Steel for gates and fencing is the solutions!

You can use square or round tubular steel for your gates and fencing, you can also add spears or rings for a more unique look. Your options are limitless when using the correct company in this field of business. Get your ideal gate and fencing erected today by experts and know you are safe. With all the benefits that steel has to offer, who can go wrong.

Steel gate and fencing for your home and business!

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