Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Victoria: For Your Fencing Needs

18 November 2015

There are sheet metal fabrication services in Victoria, specialising in the fencing needs of residential, commercial and industrial properties – Auron Fencing, Melbourne. The company began servicing the city back in 1986, and has since met, and exceeded, the fencing needs of the community. Specializing in the fabrication and installation of tubular fencing, Auron Fencing installs various types of fencing and fencing accessories such as Colorbond fencing, steel lattice, timber fencing and automated gates.

You’re Fence Benefits from Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in Victoria

Just look around, everywhere you go there is fencing surrounding commercial, industrial, residential and public lands. It is a very important aspect of our modern society; something we can’t ‘escape’ from – fencing and gates. Because fencing is everywhere, one can begin to comprehend the sheer amount of fencing maintenance work that goes on in town.

Fencing in Melbourne is a diverse industry, and there are many types of fencing and materials to choose from in town. One common denominator with most all fencing is that metals such as wrought iron, steel, stainless steel and aluminium are part of their construction. This means that metal fabrication is required at some point while maintaining these types of fences, and that’s when sheet metal fabrication services are there to help. How does metal fabrication help fencing? That’s a good question to build on.

Sheet Metal Fabrication and the Construction of Metal Fencing

Wood fencing is dying off, as more and more folks invest in metal fencing such as steel lattice, steel tubular fencing and Colorbond fencing, because they last longer than wood fences, and metal fences are much stronger. Sometimes, metal fencing can be more economical than wood fencing, but metal fences are ideal for any location, unlike timber fencing where it is ideally suited for residential homes, parks and public areas.

Constructing popular metal fencing like tubular steel fencing, both square and round shaped, requires metal fabricators to measure out lengths of steel required for the construction and assembly of the steel tubular fencing, this also includes lattice fencing and even Colorbond fencing. Not every property’s fencing needs are the same, which is why sheet metal fabrication services in Victoria is needed so much, especially when fences and gates need customisation for either aesthetic or security purposes.

Repairing steel lattice fencing or replacing sections of tubular fencing, or even fully installing new Colorbond fencing from start to finish requires special skills and tools that only sheet metal fabricators have. If you have a metal fence, then sheet metal fabricators specialising in steel fencing will meet all your needs.

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