Reasons to get a Sliding Gate

21 November 2014

Steel tubular fencing is being used everywhere and in all types of industries and residential properties to effectively secure buildings, people and property. Entering into a gated residential community or commercial compound today, which are surrounded by fencing, requires you to first pass through a gate. While there are many different types of steel tubular gates available, if you are in a position to choose your next gate then there are a few good reasons to get a sliding gate to mitigate traffic on your property.

There are a few good reasons to get a sliding gate, they are easy to use, are an excellent way to secure a property and they have a sleek visual appeal. Listed below are details describing the reasons why a steel tubular sliding gate is a great idea for your next gate type.

A Sliding Gate is Easy to Use – Compared to traditional types of swing or hanging wooden and steel gates, sliding gates are quite simply easy to use, especially if they are automated. For residential homes, an automatic steel tubular sliding gate is an ideal choice because getting out of the car is unnecessary.

Automatic gates open with a simple push of a button; however, even manual sliding gates are easier to open than traditional swing gates. Why is that? Pulling and pushing a large gate takes a good amount of effort, which can definitely be difficult for smaller frame individuals. Sliding gates, on the other hand, have more rollers supporting them along a metal track which distributes their weight better than swing gates. This makes them are easier to move.

Greater Security Efficiency – Most traditional gates still require some type of manual locking mechanism or lock to secure them, which requires someone to physically unlock or lock them when being used. Opening and closing swinging gates with manual types of locking systems consumes time and can expose you to the elements or danger every time you exit your vehicle. Today’s sliding gates offer greater security because of new innovative automatic locking mechanisms and the ability to remotely open and close them without exiting your vehicle.

Sleek Visual Appeal – Steel tubular sliding gates come in a variety styles that are guaranteed to enhance any property’s appeal. Whether you need a sliding gate for a residential or commercial property setting, you can rest assured it will have a sleek visual appeal.

These are a few good reasons to get a sliding gate for your property, whether it’s for a commercial compound, a residential community or for your own home, steel tubular sliding gates are easy to use, provide greater security and have a sleek curbside appeal that will definitely get the attention of the community in a positive way.

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