Preventive Maintenance Tips for Powder Coated Gates and Fences

07 April 2022

People nowadays use powder coating for their gates and fences mainly to protect the metal. Over time, powder coating gates and fences have become popular. Whist powder coating is durable and proven to last longer, weather exposure and other factors affect its longevity and durability. Constant sun exposure, wind, pollution and saltwater are just a few of the culprits that can cause damage to your powder coated gates and fences. To at least prolong the life of your finish, here are some preventive maintenance tips for your powder coated gates and fences.

Regular Cleaning

To make sure that the powder coating in your gates and fences extends its service life, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning is the most effective way to maintain the hard finish and retain the toughness of the coating. Annual cleaning can go a long way. Improperly maintained powder-coated gates and fences tend to damage easily. It will slowly lose its powder coating which served as a hard protective barrier if you do not invest in regular cleaning and maintenance that is why regular cleaning is crucial in maintaining the life of your powder coated gates and fences.If annual cleaning is a hassle for you, you can check Auron Fencing’s Dulux colour bond options. They offer the best coating options for your gates and fences, options that are guaranteed low maintenance.

Use Of Proper Cleaning Tools

Powder-coated gates and fences may be durable and highly resistant to chipping and scratching, but the use of harsh brushes and cleaning tools may damage their coating faster than usual and contributes to shortening their lifespan. It is very important to only use mild soap and proper cleaning tools in cleaning your powder coated gates and fence so they can serve their purpose longer. The use of proper cleaning tools in your regular cleaning is the most effective method of cleaning the coated surfaces of your gates and fences. The longer-lasting coating is the result of proper maintenance and cleaning. Using soft brushes with mild cleaning solutions is highly recommended. Dirt and the effects of certain weather conditions may be inevitable, but counteracting it with proper cleaning and maintenance can help retain its durability.

Avoid Damaging Chemical Cleaners

Installing a powder-coated gate and fence may be a smart move but maintaining and cleaning it is another story. Powder coating finishes have varying lifespans but most of these coatings can surely last up to more than ten years if taken care of properly.  It is supposed to increase the life of your gates and fences and to retain its purpose, proper maintenance is always key. Avoiding harsh chemical cleaners that can damage its texture and finish is very important. You must use only use the right type of chemicals in cleaning your powder coated gates and fences to prevent losing their protective properties. Harsh chemicals and solvents make your powder coated gates and fences vulnerable to chipping and flaking.


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