Pet-Friendly Fencing Ideas from Auron Fencing Professionals

12 December 2022

The best way to ensure the safety of your pet, other animals, and neighbourhood residents is to keep him in a contained area. Installing pet-friendly fencing is an excellent technique to ensure that your furry friend can’t wander too far while still enjoying the great outdoors. With the proper fencing, you won’t have to worry about your pet escaping whenever they need to go outdoors for a bathroom break or just to get some fresh air.

However, how can you choose a pet-friendly fence that is ideal for you and your pet from the numerous fencing options and pet breeds? We’ll assist you in selecting a secure fence to contain your furry companion by providing you with this straightforward guide.

Ensure to Choose the Right Size

No matter how big your dog is, you should take into account both the size of its jump and its overall size. Installing dog fencing is pointless if your pet can just jump over it. Depending on the breed, as a general rule, start at 1.2 metres for little dogs, 1.5 metres for medium dogs, and 1.8 metres for large dogs. You should also consider how deeply your fence will be buried if your dog enjoys digging. Footings that are deep or made of concrete can be a fantastic strategy to stop potential tunnel escapes.

Climb-Proof Your Fences

When motivated, dogs can be highly skilled escape artists. There are numerous videos online of different dogs climbing fences that their owners believe to be secure. The way your fence is built will determine whether your dog can simply climb over it or not. Due to the way that chain wire fencing is constructed, your dog can easily slip through it. The issue also applies to fences that have a lot of horizontal beams. Flat panels will provide the finest climb-proofing for your dog fence.

Remember That Dogs Love to Chew

Dogs love to chew on almost everything they can get their teeth into, whether it’s a chew toy or your fence. Choosing a strong fence that they won’t chew through is crucial. Steel tabular fencing is an excellent alternative to stop chewing. You may want to avoid timber fences if your dog likes to chew or is a master escape artist. Some dogs can quickly and easily chew through a wooden fence. Also, chewing can weaken timber fences, causing palings and slats to loosen.

Consider Blocking the View

Dogs love to explore, and when they realise all the things they’re missing, they may become frustrated and want to escape. If your dog can’t see something, it won’t want to chase it, regardless of whether it’s another dog, a person going by, a stray cat, or local animals. Additionally, it ensures that your dog won’t become agitated or irritated by other dogs or kids. Solid panel fencing, such as Colorbond, can make your dog feel safer and more at ease in your yard, depending on your dog and how they respond to the outside world. Colorbond also brings a lot of other benefits and advantages.

Auron Fencing can assist in designing the ideal fencing system to help keep your pets secure thanks to our many years of experience and professional advice. Our reputation precedes us as we have serviced Melbourne with only the best fencing. We can guarantee that our work will be according to your demands and preferences. Contact Us for all your fencing enquiries.

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