Lattice Fencing for Your Beautiful Garden

15 July 2015

Who says you cannot have aesthetics, practicality and affordable fencing? Modern lattice fencing offers ultimate protection, durability and beautiful aesthetics. In truth, a lattice fence is the perfect choice for your garden area.

Now the garden fence is not just an ordinary fence. This type of fencing needs to be carefully designed so that it complements your home. Fortunately, today’s lattice fence comes in many types of material such as wood, vinyl and metal. Each type has its own unique benefits. You can also find various colors to match your outdoor living area.

Wood is a very common material used for lattice fencing. Unfortunately it is not the best choice for a garden fence because it would be exposed to water on a continual basis. Wood fences also require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking nice. They periodically need refinished and also repaired. Compared to wood, a lattice fence made of vinyl can be a better option. It is somewhat durable and comes in many colors. However, vinyl lattice has a tendency to rot, mildew and mold. Its lifespan is also short due to cracking issues.

On the other hand, steel lattice is an excellent option for a garden fence. A steel lattice fence offers a wide array of benefits such as:

  • Is Eco friendly
  • Clean and crisp lattice lines
  • Can add post caps and gates
  • Is durable and made to last
  • Robust, secure and private
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Stays looking new for longer
  • Holds up to extreme weather conditions
  • Resilient to fire and does not burn
  • Does not get rot, mildew or termites

Advantages of Having a Garden Fence

Aside from its beautiful aesthetics, a lattice garden fence has a wide spectrum of benefits. Not only can a fence accent your garden but it can balance the ambiance of your whole outdoor living area.

In addition, in order to keep your garden looking pleasant, a fence is a prerequisite. Lattice fencing around the garden will help keep both the animals and thieves out. And we all know how much damage a deer can do to your garden in less than an hour. Although a deer can jump a fence, they really do not like confined spaces.

A lattice fence around the garden can also help protect your plants from the elements. It provides well needed shade for strategically placed plants. A lattice design also allows the perfect amount of air to flow into your garden to help keep your plants happy and healthy.

Lattice Fencing for Your Garden

Auron Fencing offers numerous options so that you can have the perfect lattice fence for your garden. They are made of high quality steel that outlasts every other type of fence. In addition, a steel lattice fence will retain its color and keep its refined beauty.

And when it comes to matching your lattice fence, you can pick the ideal color to complete the look you are after. In fact, their lattice fencing comes in 8 classic colors and over a dozen contemporary hues. As well, you can opt for a powder-coating for extra durability.

For added aesthetics and durability, steel plinths can be added. A steel plinth can slow down weeds and critters such as snakes from entering your garden. Steel plinths also help the fence look seamless.

And for the perfect enclosed garden design, one or two gates are a nice option. At Auron Fencing they have both auto sliding and swing gates. And if you have a particular design you are after, you lattice garden fence can be custom made.

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