Lattice Fencing for a Modern, Safer Home

22 July 2014

Fencing is a ubiquitous outdoor aesthetic that not only serves to create a barrier of privacy against the outside world, but also keeps you, your pets, and your loved ones safe from possible invaders. Fences are simply an artistic means to create a boundary that marks that specific place as your inviolable territory. Fencing has very long history of use dating back to prehistoric times. The materials used in its construction and its applications have been refined and perfected throughout the generations.

Fencing has now become a common aspect of outdoor designs and has come to include a whole range of fences in different styles and made from an assortment of different materials. Aside from the more ostentatious and ornate gate fencing, lattice fencing is also a wonderful way to create an illusion of privacy and seclusion outdoors. It is also a great means to hide unsightly furniture or random odds-and-ends around the outside of a home. Unlike gate fences which tend to be very costly, lattice fencing, even those made from high-quality metal such as steel, tend to be cheaper.

Steel Lattice Fencing – Why Choose It?

Lattice fences were originally mostly made of wood, sometimes made into very intricate web-like or mesh-like patterns and set atop a stonework structure, employed as a type of screen for the upper parts of windows, or otherwise left as a free-standing structure in itself. Nowadays, lattice fencing is often made from far more durable and lasting materials such as cast iron, cold iron, steel, aluminium, and even bronze, although the most popular and by far cheaper are steel and iron lattices.

In contrast to steel gates or wooden gates, steel lattices are by far cheaper simply because they do not demand the same amount of material necessary to maintain its structural integrity. Where a gate requires it to be set on hinges into the masonry to stay up, steel lattices are often of just the right weight as to be set without the need for stonework. Steel lattice fences are also far lighter and more affordable than having a fence built on your property from the ground up, basically due to the fact that it is often made from hollow steel tubing or twisted steel.

Steel lattices are superior to wooden ones in that it readily resists rot and moisture, it weathers quite nicely and the rusting and eventual blackening of the rusted areas adds to the overall aesthetics of the property. It also provides a ready-to-install alternative to expensive gates and masonry, and it allows you the freedom to decorate the borders of your home with your choice of creeping ornamental or practical vegetation. This make steels lattices excellent for horticultural hobbyists, do-it-yourself herbalists, and all gardening buffs.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to decorate your outdoor patio or garden area, or to simply add more privacy to your home, opt for steel lattice fencing by fencing professionals Melbourne. You can find more information on lattice fencing when you visit:

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