Is the old picket fence still relevant?

28 January 2015

An old picket fence that is cracking, rusty or peeling is a lot more than something that really needs fixed. Not only will an old fence drastically depreciate the value of your home but it will lower the overall aesthetic s and marketability.

Although occasionally a fresh coat of paint on a fence can be a quick fix, sometimes it is a lot more cost-effective to do complete overall. Besides, a professionally installed and maintained fence can be the best home feature than will increase the value and marketability of your investment.

The Benefits of a Residential Fence

Whether you are considering timber fencing or steel, there are numerous benefits to a skillfully installed and maintained fence:

Increased Property and Resale Value: A privacy fence is very appealing for buyers, especially if they have children or pets. Most realtors will agree that a privacy fence will greatly appreciate the property and resale value of a home. In truth, home buyers feel that privacy fences are a great selling point. It is one less thing that the home buyer has to worry about once they make a purchase.

Security: Improves the quality of life by providing a safe area and secluded environment. A fence delivers a safe area where both children and pets can be easily supervised. A fence can also prevent trespassers from entering your property. As well, if you live in an area where deer are abundant, a fence can stop them from demolishing your garden or flower beds.

Privacy: As homes are being built closer to each other compared to the past, privacy has become a more cherished and pursued feature. The best and only way to gain more privacy is with a fence. In addition, a fence that provides privacy will offer a secluded environment where you can entertain, relax, garden or exercise.

Other Benefits: A professionally installed and maintained fence has a wide range of benefits. Aside from increased value, security and privacy, fences offer other benefits such as reducing noise pollution, increased aesthetics, boundary identification and unique refinement.

Options for a Privacy Fence

Today’s contemporary fencing options are both practical and pleasing to the eye. There are a wide range individual styles that can be catered to your own individual style.

Some of the more popular and well-designed fences include boundary fencing, timber fencing, steel tubular fencing and steel lattice. There are also automated gates and various fittings that complement your fence.

Boundary Fencing: This type of fencing includes Colorbond and treated pine paling. Colorbond fencing has a clean and crisp look that comes in a wide variety of colors to match your home. It is durable, easy to maintain and requires minimal maintenance. Treated pine paling is one of the most common and traditional type of fencing. It is currently one of the most inexpensive types of fencing. Treated pine paling is also easy and cheap to repair.

Timber Fencing: This type of fence usually comes in standard sizes but can also be customized. This is beneficial for home owners who need a low or sloping fence. Timber fencing can come with many features such as capping, exposed hardwood and cypress posts. Treated timber fencing can prevent rot, fungus and termites. As well, treated timber protects the wood from harsh weather. Even without maintenance, treated timber fencing has been known to last a half a century.

Steel Tubular Fencing: One of the greatest benefits of a steel tubular fence is that it is extremely durable. This type of fencing will last numerous years. Not only are the hard-wearing but they are low maintenance, come in a variety of colors and styles plus they can be custom made. Overall, tubular steel rails fencing can save thousands of dollars.

Steel Lattice Fencing: This type of fencing has to be one of the most aesthetic and versatile fences around. Lattice fencing can be designed around plants or most any living space in your backyard. They can also be installed to pre-existing fences. Oftentimes it will add a nice touch of beauty to a fence you already adore.


When it comes to installing a fence it is best to hire a professional. In the long run, an experienced installer will save you a lot of time and money. They will know the best type of fence to fit your needs, be able to check for obstacles like trees or rocks and can evaluate grading if needed.

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