Ideal Fencing Options for Commercial Properties

20 January 2023

Although it is frequently required for residential properties, fencing also plays a significant role in commercial properties. Commercial fences offer safety and security for individuals inside and security and privacy for your company location. Auron Fencing can offer fences in various styles, dimensions, and materials that you can use for any type of commercial property or application. Due to significant foot traffic and the requirement to withstand harsher weather conditions, commercial fences frequently need to be stronger than residential ones. The greatest fencing choices for commercial properties will be covered in this post, along with the advantages they offer.

Infill Panel Fencing

A smart and cost-effective solution for commercial properties is infill panel fencing. Create a beautiful aesthetic for your company without concealing any branding you use on the structure. Depending on the style you want, they come in various design options like perforated, louvre, slatted, or tubular panels. Choose a powder-coated, sleek appearance or get them in a timber look for a sturdy, anti-rust fence that yet feels like wood. Infill panel fencing allows you to display your brand while withstanding the elements.

Aluminium Picket Fencing

Another wonderful option is picket fencing, which can be made more durable and require less upkeep by using aluminium pickets rather than wooden ones. They have a beautiful aesthetic and offer privacy without entirely concealing your establishment from street view. Due to people’s propensity to associate picket fences with good things (especially white ones, thanks to their popularity in movies and television), this type of fencing is also excellent for establishments with high foot traffic.

Slat Fencing

Aluminium slats are anti-rust and are made to endure inclement conditions. Unlike traditional tin or wooden fences, which can limit airflow to and within the property, they don’t do that. They also increase the privacy of your company. Without worrying about theft, you could desire a secure parking lot for your clients or outside product displays. With slat fencing, you don’t need to sacrifice circulation or privacy because it enables you to design a sleek and beautiful exterior for your commercial property.

Hampton Style Fencing

The architectural styles of opulent vacation properties and affluent suburbs inspired the fencing design known as Hampton fencing. We offer a variety of colours, but, like picket fencing, consumers often have favourable associations with properties that have this kind of fencing. Hampton fencing is primarily marketed for its rust-free and aluminium structure. We also provide the option of powder coating it in different colours, which is one of the services we offer at Auron Fencing. In addition to being affordable and low maintenance, they are also environmentally beneficial.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron has several benefits that are not present in other types of metal, particularly in terms of style. Almost any property can benefit from the classic appeal that wrought iron brings. Additionally, wrought iron is a hard substance. It can withstand the elements and keep looking good for many years. Wrought iron is not only resilient but also requires minimal maintenance.

At Auron Fencing, you have various choices for your commercial property. We offer practically anything you may need, depending on what you’re looking for and the aesthetic of your business. To find the ideal commercial fencing solution, contact us at 0418 967 768 today!

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