How to Customise Tubular Fencing for Your Property

21 October 2022

Consider tubular fencing if you’re looking into fencing options that you can instal in various locations on your property and types of barriers that you can customise in various ways. You can create various looks with tubular fencing by choosing from various shapes, colours, and material options. The following are different adjustments you can make to your barrier.

Get Creative with Forms and Designs

Since tubular metal structures come in various forms and designs, you can match the railings to the exterior of your house. Simple flat-top fences feature minimal vertical railings and a straight top rail. They are ideal, for instance, for surrounding a contemporary yet traditional pool area. Other designs have curves, scrolls, and spearhead decorations for more elaborate and imposing styles. You can choose from a variety of heights, install a front fence that is especially high for added security or enclose your patio area with a lower barrier that is intended to organise and divide your outdoor space.

Choose The Right Material

Steel and aluminium are both used in tubular fences. Aluminium is especially suitable for coastal areas and poolsides because it contains corrosion-resistant elements. Although it can corrode, steel is frequently more resilient than aluminium. The rails could be galvanised or covered with a layer of zinc to combat this. There are also other advantages of galvanised steel fencing that can be beneficial for you. Many metal designs can also be powder-coated, which encases them in a tough, baked-on paint layer that acts as a protective film.

Choose Your Preferred Colour

You can choose from a variety of colours to match the style of the fence and the surroundings. White, green, and black are common choices. Green fences are more subdued and blend in with the surroundings, while black ornate designs give an enduring impression. Your fences and gates will last longer if you use the powder coating services provided by Auron Fencing because they provide a high-quality finish. This is carried out on-site using a range of Dulux colour bond options.

Decide Your Installation Location

As was previously mentioned, tubular metal designs are practical in that they can be installed in various locations, including around the front or pool deck of your property and inside the garden, to embellish and structure the landscape. To improve the overall design, you can incorporate fencing with other metal components on the property, such as garage doors, guttering, door knockers, or letterboxes.

As a result, there are many ways to customise tubular fencing for your landscape. You have the option of installing a simple, minimal barrier or a complex form that is covered in scrolls and decorations. You can choose the exact type of metal, such as steel or aluminium, and the colour. These fences surround various areas gracefully and understatedly, preventing a jumble of various fence styles on your property.

Are you ready to customise your tubular fence for your property? You can simplify the installation process with the help of experts from Auron Fencing. Round and square tubular fences and gates are among the many tubular steels and new aluminium products we have available. We only work with the best products and materials because we place a high value on the quality of both. Call us at 0418 967 768 for your enquiries.

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