Heritage or Modern Picket Fence: Which Should You Choose?

02 September 2015

Most people associate a picket fence with old-fashioned country homes. While this may indeed be the norm for a lot of areas throughout much of the western world, especially in a large part of the European and American countryside where a heritage picket fence is not uncommon, there are now a growing number of regular houses in well-to-do suburbs that are flaunting the traditional aesthetics of a modern picket fence.

Due to the growing revival of interest in everything old-fashioned and rustic, more and more homeowners prefer a natural, earthy aesthetics that evokes a sense of homeliness. This is trend is being fueled by the attractive benefits and modern reliance on burnished and polished metals, moulded resins, and glass. Nowadays, there is a growing number of landscaping and home-innovation companies that have revived the trusty heritage picket fence as something desirous, and have smartly use modern materials to design modern picket fences for every style of home.

Enter the modern picket fence zone – a complete redesign that changes the simple concepts of an age-old picket fence and adds a more modern twist. But with the arrival of everything new comes a great debate that divides the camps between ‘modernists’ and ‘old-schoolers’. For some people, nothing beats the old fashioned heritage picket fence. For others, the modern picket fence is far more ‘superior’ to the heritage picket fence, if only due to its more innovative and modern nature.

For the average homeowner who barely has the time to procrastinate on what type of picket fence is best suited for their home, here’s a quick take on what fence to pick.

Picking the Right Picket Fence for Your Home

If you’re finding it somewhat difficult to pick between a heritage picket fence and a modern picket fence, one of the easiest means to break the proverbial ice is to ask yourself a question. How do I want my property to look? If you’re after a stately looking lawn that smacks of timeless class and solid dignity, then a heritage picket fence is definitely the choice for you!

If you’re after a place that is homely, semi-rustic yet still stylish, modern picket fences are your go-to choice. However, if you really don’t want to go through the hassle of having to decide which type of picket fence works best for your property, why not let expert fencing designers from Auron Fencing do it for you?

With over three decades of experience in fencing installation and design, Auron Fencing can guarantee that you get high quality fencing that your property’s needs. For more information about a heritage picket fence, a modern picket fence or other fencing types in general, visit their website today:

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