Fencing your home: Top 3 Tips to consider in design and functionality

12 May 2015

Does an open yard make you feel uneasy and vulnerable? Many people today feel this way. Or, maybe you are worried about both animal and human intruders waltzing into your garden? Fencing your home can give you much-needed privacy that you deserve, while at the same time provide a real sense of security, not to mention a peace of mind. Given the wide range of fences to choose from, fencing can even enhance the look of your property and increase your property value!

Despite their obvious advantages, many homeowners fail to take matters fully into their hands when it comes to choosing a fencing material. Choosing a fencing material for a property is important, because installing an inferior material for a home’s fence can compromise its design and functionality.

Here are the top 3 tips to consider in design and functionality when choosing a fencing material:

Tip #1: Know exactly what you want

People have different reasons for putting a fence around their homes, everyone important. Whether it’s for safety reasons, aesthetics, privacy, or everything altogether, you should know why you want a fence around your home in the first place. That way, you can narrow down your options when choosing a fencing type that suits your needs.

For example, tall aluminum fencing is enough for privacy and security, although you may want some lattice work if you are concerned with the design appearance. Meanwhile, an iron wrought fence or steel tubular fencing can be set up for security and design, without the benefit of privacy. These are hardier materials that are superior to timber fencing in every way. However, to be fair, timber fencing excels in aesthetics and may also give you a safe and private environment; although, this type of fencing material does require more maintenance.

Tip #2: Consider durability

The best home fence doesn’t just address your needs. It must also be sturdy enough to withstand outdoor conditions, all year long. You can never go wrong with steel or aluminum, especially if you want a fence that can last many years. Auron Fencing has a variety of durable fences you can choose from that are durable, and that will weather any storm, all year long, for many years.

Tip #3: Explore maintenance options

Some types of fences are naturally resistant to weathering, and thus require little upkeep. Steel and aluminum fencing are good examples, and these are excellent choices for homeowners who want something that’s low-maintenance, but that will last a long time, through all seasons. Other fencing materials such as wood are not as resilient and require regular maintenance, and deteriorate rapidly when exposed to the elements after only a few years.

Auron Fencing provides quality stainless steel and aluminum fencing which requires very little or no maintenance. They accomplish this by offering to treat their clients’ choice of fence with powder-coating for extra durability, and offer various colours of paint to match any home type.

Feel free to visit their website today for more information about aluminum fencing for your home:

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