Differences Between Sliding Gates and Swing Gates

09 December 2015

Once you are done with the major decision of choosing the right fence for your residential or commercial property, it’s now time to decide what type of gate to install, such as sliding gates and swing gates. To help steer you in the right direction, knowing how much you are willing to spend, what materials should be used, and what dimensional size of gate that will best meet your property’s needs will help greatly in the decision making process.

From these questions, in becomes obvious that the choice between sliding and swinging gates deserves more consideration, and taking your time to mull over their different benefits is highly recommended. To facilitate your decision-making dilemma, here are some beneficial differences of each type of gate.

Sliding Gates and Swing Gates

Traditionally, swing gates have been more popular on both residential and commercial properties; however, of late, sliding gates are gaining much popularity. One of the main differences between the two is that sliding gates involve the installation of wheels, and these allow the gate to either be pushed manually or with motorised help along a floor track.

Swinging gates, on-the-other-hand, don’t have wheels, instead, these ‘swing’ open and closed. Fortunately, today, there are multiple automatic designs available under both the sliding gate and swinging gate categories.

The other major difference between these two types of gates is that sliding gates need much lesser space to operate. This benefit is crucial, especially if something is blocking the area around your gate, such as trees, rocks and other landscaping limitations. Why is that? Because sliding gates ‘slide’ open along a floor track, and do not ‘swing’ open like swinging gates. A swinging gate requires unobstructed room to open and close, this makes sliding gates an ideal choice for in-town living, or in areas that have limited space.

The slide gate also works well when there is a slope on your property, while swing gates have to bear the whole of their own weight, which can eventually cause them damage, or to have the potential to become damaged when vehicles enter and exit the property. It is perfect for properties that do not have enough room to accommodate the needed straight length a sliding gate requires.

Considered the quieter option, swing gates are easy to install and largely preferred over the sliding gates in residential areas, all across the world, and typically require less maintenance than a slide gate. In the long run, this means that under normal operating conditions you will be paying less for repair costs.

Choosing between sliding gates and swing gates can be a difficult decision to make. Fortunately, there are professionals like us at Auron Fencing; we can help you determine the right fencing material and the type of gate that will fit your budget, and that meets your residential or commercial property’s needs.

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