Choosing the Best Pool Fence

02 April 2014

Having a pool area is a great idea. Not only that it will give your property more value, but youngsters will absolutely love it too. You can use your pool area to entertain guests or to simply lounge under the sun. Whether you already have one or wanting to get one, it is important that you think about what pool fence to install. With a pool fence, you will have the feeling of security that your youngsters who are frolicking by the pool are protected from the risks that are associated with swimming pool. It is however, important you choose the best pool fence available.

Good thing is there are a lot of options available for pool fencing. It will all depend on your taste as well as the design of your property.

Aluminium Fence Panels – These are lightweight, relatively inexpensive and easy to install. It is a popular choice as aluminium is rust and corrosion resistant. If you are looking for a sturdy fence that will last a long time, then aluminium fence panels would be a great choice.

Glass Fence – If you want a classy fence, then you can choose the glass fence. It is great as it will offer a complimentary appeal to the whole yard. When you’re the pool area, you will have a view of your garden or yard and see the kids playing in the garden with ease. With a glass fence, you can either choose to have a balustrade or go flameless, whichever suits your taste. Glass Fences are also easier to maintain and clean.

Wood Fence – This type of fencing almost always fits all pool designs and compliments with the garden surrounding the pool. However, this is costly since some types of wood require regular maintenance and treatment such as applying waterproofing chemicals. You can also have it painted to match your desired backyard colour scheme. Cedars are great choice for wood fence as they are mostly resistant to rot and water damage, which also makes them expensive to acquire.

Tubular Fence – This is a common choice since it is suitable with most homes. It is made out of vertical metal balusters. It comes in different colours too which makes it easier to fit in your pool area. Moreover, this kind of fence doesn’t require much maintenance and can surely stand the test of time.

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