Timber Fencing

19 June 2014

Timber fences conjour up the image of cottages and gardens. A garden builds a connection to nature and timber fences reinforces that connection. A timber fence is a special addition […]

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Galvanized Steel vs. Aluminum Fence

06 June 2014

When you are comparing metals it depends on the job and what your fence will be used for as to which will better suite your needs. If you want strength […]

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Benefits of tubular fencing

30 May 2014

If you are considering fencing in an area around your property, then you need to also consider the many benefits of tubular fencing. Choosing to install tubular type fencing is […]

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What Are the Different Options for Gate Designs?

06 May 2014

You can really face a dilemma when trying to decide on a gate design. You have to consider things like color, size style and material just to name some. You […]

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The Benefits of Powder Coating your Fence

09 April 2014

If you have kids at home, you’d probably understand the risks of wrought iron fence, and protruding rusty spikes in old fences. It is probably dangerous, and well, ugly. Powder […]

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