Cast, Tubular and Slat Fencing: What is the Difference Between These Types of Fences?

27 March 2023

There are countless fence designs and options. You can choose from decorative wrought iron, cast aluminium heritage, square, round tubular, and slat aluminium fences. There is always a style that will complement your home design and budget because there are many alternatives. What differentiates these various fence types is the fundamental issue.

But don’t worry. As a reliable fencing and installation company in Melbourne, we will help you understand the difference between cast, tubular and slat fencing. Knowing the difference between these types of fences will also help you choose the ideal one for your property.

Cast Fencing

Cast aluminium is essentially a “moulded aluminium panel” because it is created by pouring liquid aluminium into a mould and letting it set. Since cast aluminium cannot be stretched or bent into shape, it possesses good compression strength. As the fences and gates complement their magnificent form, cast fences are very popular in replicas and heritage homes. For these styles of homes, cast fences design that we manufacture and instal at Auron Fencing are frequently desired. You must get in touch with our fencing professionals if you intend to install cast fencing on your property. You need the necessary knowledge and abilities to make your dream fence a reality.

Tubular Fencing

On the other hand, a fence made of tubular aluminium is sturdy, light, and resistant to rust and regular wear and tear. Numerous metal rods are linked together to form sturdy fences in tubular fences. They are well-liked not only for their stylish appearance but also for their affordability and ease of maintenance. Fences and gates come in a wide variety, and each one is distinctive since it is specifically designed to meet your needs. This makes it ideal if you want to replace an existing fence, gate, or wall and pillars because the height and breadth are already set. Most of our clients at Auron Fencing place an order for tubular fencing mainly because of its durable yet lightweight characteristics.

Slat Fencing

Slat fencing is a terrific robust, long-lasting, low-maintenance gate and fencing choice. Typically, it is installed horizontally to produce a contemporary complementary finish. Additionally, this type of fence is ideal for any type of property because slat fencing can be adjusted to fit any space or if you have a certain design in mind.

It is crucial to keep in mind that selecting the best style involves three factors. The first thing is the style you have in mind, then the colour of your fence and the length. You can choose the ideal frame and designs for your newly constructed home based on your preferences.

At Auron Fencing, we provide various types of fencing solutions for all your needs. We also offer powder coating services that provide a high-quality finish to help your fences and gates last longer. Contact our fencing professionals at 0418 967 768 today! We will design and create the fences of your choice with the best quality products.

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