Avoid These Mistakes When Installing Colorbond or Tubular Fences

25 March 2022

Adding a new fence to your home is an exciting and worthwhile addition. This new addition can be a great moment in your life as you are making your home or building beautiful. However, we understand that this enthusiasm can be curbed when you make a mistake or choose a fence that doesn’t meet your needs. Don’t get caught up in your excitement and think with a clear head so you don’t make a mistake that could turn an interesting project into a nightmare.

Here are four tips to help you install a Colorbond or tubular fence correctly.

Use High-Quality Materials

This aspect of the build is a must-do! The wrong materials can seriously affect your fence and cause future deficiencies. Consult with a qualified fence contractor about what you want and about the fence’s purpose. You want to discuss materials, dimensions, height and know what look you want. We can help. We design and build fencing that meets anyone’s needs. So be sure to check your documentation. You also want to know your zoning laws, as these regulations could affect your fence style and height. Check with your city or town. Keep in mind that if you build over your neighbour’s property, you could face a fine and will have to rebuild the fence.

Ensure Fence Posts are Placed Deep in The Ground

At Auron Fencing, our contractors ensure that fence posts are well anchored, but if you do it yourself, you will need to set the posts with a post hole digger and make sure they are deep in the ground. The posts need to be firm to withstand the inclement weather of all seasons. Avoid hanging the fence until all posts are set correctly; otherwise, your fence may sag.

Plan It All Out

Check your perimeter and make adjustments for slopes. Even small inclines can affect the way a fence sits. Account for the slope and adjust the posts and the panels accordingly. If you use our service, we will consider these aspects.

Keep Gates on Target

Gates can be one of the most visually appealing aspects of the fence. However, they can also be a headache when they aren’t installed correctly. Choose the right location for the gate and get a size that works well with the home and gate design. If the fence is only a perimeter fence and you will only be walking through it, you can use a small gate. However, if you plan on bringing vehicles through it, you will need a wide gate or a two-panel gate.

Keep Auron Fence in mind when thinking about installing a fence. We have every fence type and can advise which style works best for your location. We offer on-site manufacturing and Australian made products. If you want a quality fence without having to handle it all yourself and without having to spend more than a few of your weekends building it, be sure to give us a call. We can build the quality fence you want at a price you can afford.

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