Automated Gates: A Part of Modern Fencing Ideal for Your Home

22 October 2015

Opening and closing gates are a notorious hassle, especially in cases where one is in a hurry or is otherwise caught up in inclement weather. Not all homeowners have the luxury of having a butler, household staff or any children to help open and close their perimeter gates for them at all time, when they drive home. In the old days, coachmen or chauffeurs would be responsible for opening and closing gates, as well as for opening and closing vehicle doors.

Nowadays, such luxuries are well beyond the capacity of even above-middle-class citizens. Thankfully, there is a new innovative solution to the age-old dilemma of pesky gates.

Automated Gates – An Essential Part of Modern Home Fencing

Gates that open automatically are state of the art; a revolutionary approach to the long-bothersome problem of gates. As the name suggests, these types of gates are specialised systems which employed machinery and sensors to detect the presence of individuals, vehicles, and to function as an automatic ‘coachman’ who opens and closes gates.

Other types of models which are activated through the use of remote control are also available, and these are touted as a far more affordable alternative to the more complicated automated versions. These gates are built to spec, and are often custom-made to suit the needs and preferences of professional fencing companies’ clients. Just like a conventional gate, an automatic gate is made from a variety of different materials – the most popular of late being steel and wrought iron.

Specialised machinery which enables the smooth and near-flawless opening and closing of a gate via sliding or hinge-action, whether with the help of a pre-installed sensor or a manually operated remote, allows you to remain in the comfort of your vehicle, saving you the hassle of having to get out. This not only saves you a lot of time and effort, but it also ensures that you needn’t risk your person or your health, when needing to open and close gates during torrential rains, gusty winds or general foul weather. Automated gates are made to meet and exceed standard security concerns of homeowners, especially in regards to accessing them.

Their specialised opening and closing machinery may also feature an innovative lock which can only be opened by a master-control remote or, in the case of pricier and more technologically advanced models, through the use of access cards or specialised sensors; a gate sensor that only opens via fingerprints or retinal scanning. A professional fencing company can explain more about the security benefits of automated gates.

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