A Brief Comparison Between Powder Coated vs. Paint Coated Steel Fence

26 April 2022

If you are considering installing a steel fence in your residential area, you must weigh your options very well and choose the best steel fence option for your residential space. In steel fences, there are only two popular options, the powder-coated steel fence and the paint-coated fence. While a paint-coated steel fence can last a long while, this is outweighed by the many more advantages of choosing a powder-coated steel fence. Before you make a choice, we will give you a brief comparison between powder-coated versus paint-coated steel fences.


When it comes to durability, paint-coated finishes are not as durable as those with powder-coated finishes. Paint layers will require more touch-ups in just a span of a short time. A steel fence coated with paint will need a new coating after just a few numbers of years.

Taking into consideration the durability and economic factors, powder coating offers more durability and efficiency than paint coating. Powder coating is thicker, and its thickness means a lengthier lifespan of the powder finish. Powder coating would often go through baking to seal the powder onto the iron making it a more durable option for you.


You should understand that each application of spray paint contributes toxins to the atmosphere. Paint coating involves solvents and other harmful chemicals which send volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

On the contrary, powder-coated steel fence is preferred by many because of their reduced environmental impact. Powder coating does not have toxic properties and other pollutants hence the unused portions of the powder will not emit greenhouse gases making it a more eco-friendly choice.


Although paint coating is relatively cheaper than powder coating. The downside is it can wear down for a shorter period which means you have to spend more money on repainting. Less pricey but wears down easily.

Powder coating, on the other hand, is more expensive. But can last up to a decade even with just a single coat. This means you do not have to spend money on constant repainting. And unlike paint coating, powder coat can also be reused thus, a good return on your money.

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