5 Important Facts About Boundary Fencing

06 February 2023

Fences are frequently the root of disputes between neighbours. There may be a difference of opinion between you and your neighbour on who should arrange, maintain, or pay for the fence. You’ll likely have to coexist with your neighbour for a while, so making an effort to establish and preserve a cordial or warm relationship is crucial. You will be in a better position if you educate yourself thoroughly about boundary fencing. If you pursue a boundary fence between you and your neighbour, it may assist you in addressing any problems that arise. Here are (no.) important facts about boundary fencing.

Boundary Fences Are Not Just Fences

Boundary fence laws and regulations cover more than traditional wooden or steel construction. Any landmark that encloses a sizable area of land is included. Ditches, hedges, waterways, dams, livestock grids, and more are examples of this. It is something to bear in mind if you’re thinking about forgoing the installation of a fence to avoid future confrontations. You might still be expected to keep up your boundary markers, whatever they are!

Establish Your Boundaries

You should be able to access this information for the majority of Australian properties online via the land register, in your original sales contract, or in your building plans. Knowing your property’s limits is vital since it can significantly impact disputes or decisions involving your boundary fence.

Notify Your Neighbour of Any Issues

You have the right to ask for a border fence to be installed and split the costs with the owner of the neighbouring property. When you decide to construct a fence, you formally notify the other party by giving them the notice to add a fence. However, speaking with your neighbour face-to-face is the best course of action. Nobody likes getting legal papers, so you might find that your neighbour is okay with building a new fence without needing to complete any additional paperwork.

Finding a Fence Installer

It’s time to choose an installer once you and your neighbour have decided to build a fence and have discussed the design, height, and other details. Regardless of who gave the first notice to a fence, both parties are entitled to obtain a quote. The ideal fence installation will be reasonably priced, dependable, and willing to provide a free quote without any obligations so that you may compare rates without feeling rushed. Auron Fencing checks all the boxes for a reliable installer and offers a wide selection of high-quality fences in both modern and traditional designs.

Resolving Boundary Fencing Dispute

The next step in a border fence dispute if you and your neighbour can’t agree on a solution is mediation. A settlement that is fair to both parties can generally be reached through mediation, which is quicker, easier, and less expensive than going to court. One or both parties may need to consult a lawyer if mediation is unsuccessful. It should never be done as a first option because it can be highly drawn-out, expensive, and stressful.

Our fencing experts at Auron Fencing can do the job for you if you’re considering installing a boundary fence or need repairs made to an existing one. You can call us on our phone at 0418 967 768 for all your fencing enquiries.

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